Eurythmy translates ideas, relationships and work processes into physical movement. It involves guided group exercises in which people practice moving together, helping to increase resilience, adaptability and preparedness for change. Eurythmy expands awareness of the inter-relatedness of development: how what people do can impact the whole of the organisation.

Case Study: An international converting company was creating a new management team during a merger of two subsidiaries. They included Eurythmy as a part of a three day team building session to develop relationships and co-operation within the team. The participants initial nervousness quickly relaxed, and the team was soon creatively exploring ways of working together which boosted their productivity when they returned to work.

Painting allows individuals and groups to portray experiences or situations in colour. The aim is not to create an impressive work of art, but to gain insights that arise in the process of painting itself. The colours, patterns and images people create can reflect important lessons about how they perceive, feel and behave in their work.

Case Study: An organisation was struggling with inter-staff conflicts. Painting in pairs helped colleagues to see each other's point of view, and to understand one another's actions from different perspectives. It helped staff re-evaluate and change their approach to their colleagues and clients.


Shaping clay with the hands connects people with their motivations and intentions. How they take hold of and form it reflects how they carry out their intentions in their daily work. It is a revealing way to highlight individual strengths and attributes.

Case Study: Forming clay enabled people working with handicapped adults to appreciate their own different abilities and disabilities, and revealed how to work creatively within the boundaries which surround us all. Every organisation is unique - and so is each programme. Melissa develops her approach from an assessment of each clients' needs and objectives, using methods that best fit with the character of the organisation.

Nike, Amsterdam; the Danish Tax Department; Local U.K. Government Managers training programmes; Pubmasters Ltd.; The Open University; the NHS Avery Dennison International: The Learning Company Project; Camphill Communities and many special interest groups.

"One session of Eurythmy team building exercises is equal to one week of an outward bound course." "At first I wondered what Eurythmy had to do with understanding how finances work, but at the end of the weekend I couldn't imagine the sessions without it."

"I have done many workshops at conferences, but this is the first time that a workshop has had real relevance to the theme and changed my way of experiencing it."

"I thought I was being inclusive in my painting gestures but my partner experienced it as a challenge. It made me sit back and think about how I am in the office."
"I realised that my first response to anything new is always that it won't work but I now see that if a project is built up slowly in clear patterns even the most complex process can succeed."

For further information relating to availability for consultancy please contact: Melissa Harwood, Stubdale Cottage, Grasmere, Cumbria, LA22 9QJ Tel: 0044 (0) 15394 35231