Painting  - Movement and Form in Colour
Eurythmy - Development Through Movement

Born in California, Melissa worked in photography before moving to England in 1971 to train in Eurythmy movement in London. Melissa also studied sculpture at the Open College of the Arts, letter carving in stone with Pip Hall and pastel painting with Christopher Assheton-Stones. She works from her studio in Grasmere where she also has a small 'Summer House Gallery'. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries nationwide.

With these arts, Melissa works as a change consultant in organisations, with art projects in schools and with adults with special needs. She also contributes to seminars, conferences and training courses internationally. Melissa is co-director of Eurythmy in Organisations and Co-chair of the Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland.

    My work takes its starting point from the language of colour be it in a landscape, a poem or the impressionist view of what one sees in a passing glance or remembers when looking back via the mind's eye.

    Many of my influences originate from the light and strong colours of the Mediterranean or contrastingly, from the subtle shades of the seas and skies around England and the Scottish isles. Colour is then built up in layers always observing the dynamic tensions which grow out of the meeting of each newly added colour. The resulting form and transparency which emerges out of the chaos of constantly changing light and shade is always exciting for me as a painter be it in a traditional landscape or a purely abstract imagination and this also invites the viewer to make their own creative contribution.

Eurythmy translates ideas, relationships and work processes into physical movement. It involves guided group exercises in which people practice moving together, helping to increase resilience, adaptability and preparedness for change. Eurythmy expands awareness of the inter-relatedness of development, how what people do can have an impact on the whole of the organisation.

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